Disconnect to reconnect.

The first app created with the help of people with autism to promote a responsible use of smartphones

Download the application. It’s free.

Time control.

Monitor the time and keep a daily, monthly and annual record so that you can compare the time you dedicate to your digital life and to your real life.

Adjust your connection time.

Configure alerts with the time limit of use that you want to be warned of. A notification will appear on your screen as a reminder.

Advice the disconnecting.

Put into practice the advice endorsed by the professional team from the Gipuzkoa Autism Association, Gautena, European Citizen's Prize in 2016.

No phubbing.

Excessive use of mobile phones is turning us into an increasingly isolated society. Download deskonektapp and start to use your mobile phone responsibly.

Some figures

87% of young people would rather communicate via messages than face-to-face.

100% would rather lose their wallet than their phone.

75% return home if they have forgotten their phone.

More than half of the population suffers from anxiety if they forget their phone at home.

We look at our phone 80 times a day.

We unblock it 150 times a day.

Only 1.5% leaves it at home when they go on holiday.

83% sleep and eat with their phone.

Nine out of 10 do not distance themselves more than one metre from their phone throughout the day.

68% take it to the bathroom.

We have an average of 150 friends on Facebook, but only four are true friends in real life.

78% say they feel guilty if they do not answer a Whatsapp message instantly.

48.8% state that they check their phone compulsively.

One out of three confess that they would rather lose a day off than lose their phone.

It is the first thing that 79% of young people do when they wake up.

76.7% of young people check their phone every time they have five free minutes.

Almost 50% believe that there mobile phone use is deteriorating their partner relationship.

75% do not disconnect it while on a date or when they are practising sex.

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About the project.

According to the latest figures, there are already more mobile phones than people in the world. It is clear that mobile phones and social networks have changed our lives and the way we relate to each other.

Technology is wonderful, it lets us do incredible things and keeps us permanently connected to the world. However, its excessive use is turning us into a society in which we are increasingly isolated from those around us. It is not about demonising mobile phones or social networks. It is just about making responsible use of technology.

The phubbing phenomenon, paying attention to what happens on your phone while ignoring the people around you, is increasingly common. Who better than people affected by the autism disorder to warn us and raise awareness about the risks of isolation and failing to relate to others.

They want to have relationships but they can't. Although we can, we do it less and less. As a result, Gautena, the Gipuzkoan Autism Association, with the help of the Department of Social Policies of the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa, has created Deskonektapp, the free app to raise awareness about excessive mobile phone use which will allow you to control the time you spend looking at your phone screen instead of the world around you.

Have you ever stopped to think about the number of hours you dedicate to your digital life?

There’s a whole real life out there.

advice the disconnecting

Keep the phone in silent mode and out of sight while you eat or you are with someone.

Establish breaks and timetable limits such as turning it off while you sleep, not taking it to the bathroom or leaving it at home when you are carrying out an activity with friends or family.

Switch off social network notifications. Doing this is very easy both if you use iOS or Android.

Try to call instead of sending messages.

There is no need to instantly answer every message or interaction on social networks.

Establish fixed times each day to check your email, social networks or to answer messages.

Deactivate the automatic login of social network accounts. That way you also increase the security and privacy of your personal accounts.

It is better to not check your phone before going to sleep and right after waking up. These first hours of the day are essential to plan your daily goals and the last ones are necessary to relax.

Avoid becoming obsessed with likes, fans or retweets. Don't worry about the number of friends you have, worry about their quality.

Calculate how many interactions you have per day on the phone and how many you have in real life.

And of course, live a real life. Meeting real people, going out, interacting with friends… Living. Being able to establish relations with others is a marvellous privilege that we shouldn’t waste.